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When you're in a small business, you are often involved in everything; from being 'out front' taking care of customers, to being 'back in the office' paying the bills and ordering supplies.  You've got a website, it may even be responsive, and now they tell you, "Mobile is the thing - you need an App!" Where do you start? You start and finish with the Custom App Ninja. We specialize in making fully featured apps for small businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hair dressers and spas.



Allow your customers to book their appointments or table reservation through the app, quickly and easily. Or it can be done easily through the app, person to person with the tap to call feature.

Send Notifications

Quiet Monday? Instantly communicate with customers offering a discount or bonus for fast action. "Free shampoo with every cut and color - today only!"

Reward Coupons

Instantly offer a discount for a product or service with a text directly to your client's phone. It can be offered to all customers, or just customers nearby, and restricted to dates and times. Customers have their coupon handy and you save thousands on printing and distribution costs.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a great way to bring people back time and time again. Almost every big company uses them, and so can your business. Customize to suit your needs and can be done simply and easily. No more need for those cardboard cards and rubber stamps.

Map Location & Social Integration

Display your location and integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Amazon, Google and major email responders.

Image & Video Galleries

Display Photos and Videos of your products with integration with media hosting sites such as Instagram and YouTube

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